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Scandinavian aluminium-wood windows (outward opening) is typical Scandinavian system of windows using on Danish, Swedish and Norwegian markets.It is used in new buildings and in renovation of  older buildings. Product is designed for customers who need and appreciate high class and quality of the goods.

- construction depth 118 mm (including alu frontend)
- possibility of using the glazing 52-54 mm thick in the system (dubble or triple glass)
- various openings: opened outward,  tilt, turn, horizontal or vertical swing, fixed

Standard: aluminium frontend (from outward on whole construction), bent handle inside (for swing and ), hook (for turn)
Options: handle with a lock, anvil

- massive and solid wood construction
- aluminium elements from the outside
- vary good tightness of a window (the wind blows on the sash from outside and presses it to the frame);
- available in many opening options – depending on a user’s needs;
- interesting functions of window’s utility;
- does not take a room’s space (allows for using e.g. an internal sill);
-    the construction of some types of Scandinavian windows allows it to reverse the sash by 180 degrees, and thus for cleaning the external side of the window from inside

-    limited dimensions of a sash
-    impossible to use tilt & turn opening
-    difficult to clean a window from inside of a room (concerns side hung windows)