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Lyft/skjutdörrar HST

Usage:skjutbara fönster
HST doors is used in many markets, in housing as well as commerce for big glass surfaces with opening possibility.

-    door made of special dedicated profiles
-    low composite threshold
-    the sliding parts move on the railway and pass each other by
-    the max width of one frame construction is 6 meters, and the max dimensions of a moving sash is 3m x 2,6m, with max weight 300kg

-    Standard: handle inside
-    Options: handle with a lock inside or handles on both sides and a barrel lock
-    Moving gear (automatic control)

-    stable construction
-    low 40mm warm threshold with the possibility of  partial embedding in the floor
-    very large glass surfaces
-    possibility of gaining low U value
-    easy way of opening
-    way of opening does not decrease the room‚Äôs area
-    type of opening in many versions and schemes

- made of dedicated, special profiles